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March 27, 2009

Wants you come into the to 7ft doors on your left is the adult dinnner.In front of you is two coyches with a coffee table in between them.On your upper right is the parents room.Then you go down the mane hall way.On your right there is the kitchen and on the left is the laundry room go up there is a bathroom and on the left is my room and the left is my sisters room.Go back and through the kitchen is the tv room and a door hat leeds out back to the pool and hot tub.after you get up stairs there is the wii center and go through the hall way there is a bathroom and a guest room and also a play room.So thats the inside of my house.


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March 27, 2009

vans_logo_largeHey. I’m a ten-year-old sk8er. I rock at skating and I love vert. I have a Club Penguin account: Ajband (a little OBVIOUS)!! I love the band Anberlin, and the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I play a guitar and I’m ok, but still learning. :-d I like to play basket-ball and listen to my Mp3.  I also like to text and call ppl on my cell. I have one bro and one sis and a mom and dad. Don’t forget mydog, Dori!i go to manatee elemantary school. I was born in Texas and moved to Rocklege Florida and i have to say it rocks here iv lived here for about 4 years.I have a best friend named shayne who has a wab site of his own its called You should check it out. leave comments at my comment dack and remember to check in every week for more info on what has been going on around here.Oh i almost forgot on spring break next week i wont be here i will be in Goriga for a week so ill wright back just the day befor i leave.Any one out there  that lives in rocklege florida the new skate park east wood is right behind my house so i will be there tomarrow or sunday.Im right now practising my grinds.I want to be sposored soooo BAD.Ill be there soon if i practic alot.Ill check up in a few days.